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We promise to listen to your Life Goals. We will speak your language and keep things simple.

What we offer our clients

  • Expert Advice
  • Protection
  • Simplicity
  • Confidentiality

We help you understand and develop a plan for managing your finances. Whether you are planning for retirement, or saving for your family's future, we will guide you so that you understand and are prepared for the decisions that lie ahead. As an individual, or as a pension fund committee member, we can help you appreciate and communicate the benefits of diversification and the merits of our investment policies.

We offer corporate finance advice to help you restructure your business and evaluate strategic options, including mergers and acquisitions. We can help with bank loan restructurings and consult on available alternative options.

Finance is not easy, but we know what we are doing and take communicating our strategy with you seriously. We are looking forward to working with you and, over time, earning your trust.

Our priority is protecting your capital. You work hard for your money and you need to invest it in a sensible and sustainable manner. We believe that you should take a leading role in deciding your future. Through smart - and transparent - investment management we will diversify your portfolio to make sure you will never have all of your eggs in one basket. Our investment map will show you how, and where, the funds under our management are invested and why.

We will make you feel comfortable that we will customise your investment plan to meet your needs and safeguard your future. That is how we measure our success.

Many companies in our space re-sell products designed by large institutions with the objective of enhancing the value of the investor's portfolio. Many of these are quality products that live up to their commitments. But we don't always know how they work, just that they do. For Emergo Wealth this is not enough. We will not sell you a product that we do not fully understand. Your funds are precious and you deserve to know where they are invested and what this means to you. In fact you should demand it. You can buy a car not exactly knowing how it works or how to fix it, because after several years you will buy another one. With financial products, it is important to start planning at an early stage and get important decisions right first time.

We keep all client information and data confidential and secure. Through a robust technological infrastructure and a state of the art set of policies and processes, we ensure that our clients' confidential data are stored, backed up and protected.

Our external auditors regularly review our IT structures and our security policies and we have plans for recovering all data in the event of any catastrophe.

Our Team

Our staff are top investment and financial services professionals with well over a century of industry experience.

The team has extensive hard-earned experience and a specific expertise in investment strategy and portfolio management, corporate finance, risk analysis, and compliance.

  • Alfred H. Balm
  • Mike F. Balm
  • Constantinos Neophytou
  • Michael Hadjihannas
  • Neophytos Christophides
  • Christos Spanos
  • Spyros Episkopou
  • Savvas Orphanides
  • Antonia Sotiriou
  • Ioanna Vounisea
  • George Mavros

Our Mission

Emergo Wealth will become a leading financial services provider, offering financial advisory and wealth management solutions fully embracing our responsibilities to clients, shareholders, employees and the communities we operate in.

Our Promise

We promise to put your interest above our own. We promise to listen to your needs and design products and services to meet them. We promise to communicate with you in open and clear communications. And we promise that an Emergo Wealth team member will always be available to answer any questions you may have.
  • “I fully rely on the advice from the Emergo Wealth team. They analysed the data we provided to generate several practical options, which they conveyed in a clear and concise report. Their sensible and honest approach earned our trust.”

    MD, Professional Services Company
  • “Emergo Wealth helped us navigate the complex issues related to our pension fund’s investment plan. They helped us take advantage of available tax incentives and gave us clarity and comfort about the future of this important asset.”

    CFO, Trading Company
  • “We were impressed by the personal service we received from Emergo Wealth. We had previously thought that such service is only reserved for high net worth individuals. Our advisor is always available to answer questions or attend to even the most unconventional requests.”

    Financial planning, Private client
  • “Emergo Wealth is built on world-class professional expertise, integrity and transparency.
    We will listen to our clients and recommend a strategy that fits with their life goals.”- Constantinos Neophytou, Director, Investment Strategy